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The New Standard in Technology

Building the right solution on fintech-related and API technology requires four key components: strategy, development, support, and innovation. Our financial technology experts work alongside you to create a customized solution that addresses your strategic goals.


Connect your back end to the world via our API. Auric seamlessly integrates with the most popular web applications, so you can display data at your front-end and create powerful and customized workflows.


Matches per second. Data Center Efficiency. Performance is critical for companies in nearly every industry. We have developed a performance monitoring solution that resolves current issues with server latency.

Fintech Integration

Developing Strategies

If the internet of things is the new electricity in business technology then block chain is its new power grid. Auric Technology’s fintech integration are assisting companies to develop strategies and implementation plans for their block chain projects and adoption of the technology onto their company landscape and strategy. Our primary goal is to strive on improving business sectors that will be instrumental to achieve their vision.


Digital banking services are taking over: 46% of people exclusively use digital channels for their financial needs.


In the next three to five years, 77% of incumbent financial institutions will increase their focus on internal innovations to boost customer retention.


71% of consumers say that they leverage services of fintech companies such as PayPal or Venmo for payments.

Application Programming Interface

Solution Provider

Auric Technology’s API team will work with your organization to create the perfect API integration solution. Through our expert resources, industry-leading tools, and flexible plans, Auric can support your whole API project or specific pieces of it. We offer customization options for every stage of your API integration lifecycle. Whether you plan to use a standard product or our core services, take advantage of our extensive experience in designing the right solution for you.

Our recent collaboration with CSG Tiger Brokers also helps many of our clients with the integration of their financial instrument to Tiger Broker’s trading system. Through this move, it has greatly simplified and seamlessly allows clients to trade with great ease.

Auric Technology

About Us

We are a humble company with a huge appetite of ambitious and creative IT specialists who focus on the development of many tech projects. One part of our services is an API integration service. We perform the integration of your third party software with our website or other systems. Also, we provide user-friendly, secure and innovative solutions to our partners in the global payments value chain.

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